How long will construction take?
Construction time is dictated by the size and complexity of the house. Typical houses we build take between 6 and 12 months.
Do I need plans?
No. We can work with a client from the very beginning to help them plan their home.
Can I make changes to the plans?
Yes. Plans can be changed or altered throughout construction but changes most often affect the budget. The earlier changes are made the easier they are to implement.
What about insurance?
All of our jobs are fully insured for the total value of the property. Insurance coverage is maintained for the duration of construction until a homeowner’s policy is put in place.
Are you available to build anywhere in Newfoundland?
Currently, our crew only builds within an hour of St. John’s, but arrangements can be made to accommodate clients on a case by case basis.
How much do energy upgrades cost?
Cost of energy upgrades depend on the type of upgrade and the number of upgrades being implemented. Cost effective upgrades generally run between 1-4% of the price of the house. To learn more about the financial benefits of energy upgrades, visit the TakeCHARGE Newfoundland website, developed by NL Power and NL Hydro.
Why is it important to build an energy efficient home?
An energy efficient home has several benefits. Added insulation and a tight building envelope lead to a more comfortable living space. Room temperatures are consistent and drafts are eliminated. Ventilation is controlled so indoor air quality is high. Utility costs are also significantly lowered. In most cases, the savings on energy bills are greater than the cost of financing the upgrades in the first place.