Cooper Quality Construction  has been building and renovating in the St. John’s area since 2010. We are a full service construction company, specializing in energy efficient, custom home construction. We are a small company with a close network of talented subtrades. We have the same people on the ground for every job we do so clients can feel confident that the quality and consistency of work is always there. We are very proud of the work we do and we continue to hold ourselves to  the highest of standards. Knowing our clients are happy with the service we provide keeps us building every day.


We are committed to QUALITY, it is in our name. Our ability to provide consistent, quality work, comes from our talented staff of carpenters and close network of sub-trades. We have the same people on the ground for every home we build, which is essential for us in maintaining quality control. Each home we build is a testament to our abilities.

We are committed to COMMUNICATION. Our clients are involved from day one, as we engage in everything from home design to budgeting. We encourage open communication throughout the building process, which helps eliminate unnecessary mistakes and unwanted surprises. Communication builds trust which is our most important value.

We are committed to the ENVIRONMENT. Waste during construction is minimized and whatever can be recycled, is. Our sites are kept clean and debris is contained. As Canadian building regulations move towards net-zero energy ready, we focus on building homes that are highly insulated and energy efficient. Homes that use less energy have less demand on the grid. As renewable energy becomes more cost effective, our homes are perfectly suited to adopt these systems.

We are committed to EDUCATION. Investing in training, both technical and professional, is important for the growth and success of our company. Technical training keeps us up to date with the latest in building codes, trends and technology while professional training ensures that our business is well organized, efficient, and managed properly. Our clients can feel assured that when dealing with us, they are dealing with a professional organization from top to bottom.


Grant founded Cooper Quality Construction in 2010 after finishing a degree in economics at Memorial University. During his last year as a student he worked part time as a contractor doing small renovations for friends and family. As a third generation carpenter, construction is in his blood, but it wasn’t until his experience renovating that he realized a career in construction was meant for him. His ultimate goal was to build custom homes and only two years after starting the business he got the opportunity to build his first. Since then, Grant has focused on building energy efficient, high quality homes while providing the best customer experience he possibly can. 




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